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We’re calling Alita Capital a pre-seed oriented fund and business development company, but really all that means is that we’re true risk capital investors— investing relatively small euro amounts and a lot of our time and knowledge in extremely early founders or founding teams with the enduring will to bring interesting and innovative projects to life.

Nina Dremelj, founder and CEO of Alita Capital.

An investor who, among other endorsements, supported the outstanding Slovenian project for personalized children’s books called Little Heroes. Today, their story is worth a lot, in the near future maybe even “unicorn” millions, and is a leader in 6 markets with the aspiration to continue its ambitious and healthy growth. This may be the first time you hear about them, but it most certainly won’t be the last, as one of the Kardashian sisters and David Beckham recently received their own personalized copy of the book.



Alita Capital is an investment company that invests in highly promising startups. With years of experience in investing, we are well-versed in the operation of startup companies and understand what is needed for them to succeed.

Many startups are exceptional in product and service development, but have less experience in sales and marketing activities, which are even more crucial when entering the market. The goal of both the startup and the fund is to multiply revenue growth and establish a lean and stable organization within the company. The ultimate goal is to help founders transform their company into a global leader in their field of expertise in three to five years. To the owners, this is practically a guarantee for a good exit.

We treat companies we invest in as our own, as we believe that with the right help that combines decades of business experience we are more likely to achieve a true international breakthrough. It is necessary for the company to reach a certain level of development and sales on the international markets before the company is ready for an investment, therefore Alita Capital gets involved and helps in the business development of the company before the investment itself. If we recognize the potential in your company, we will help you bring your business to the point where it is ready for investment and later when it is ready for you to sell (exit).



Nina Dremelj


Nina Dremelj is the president of Business Angels of Slovenia. Her greatest passion is to help entrepreneurs turn their ideas into real, successful businesses. She is currently dedicated to Alita Capital as well, where they are the real investors – they invest relatively small amounts and a lot of their time and knowledge in extremely early founders or. founding teams with a lasting will to bring innovative projects to life. In the past, she co-owned and successfully managed the Swiss seed fund AlpVent AG, where she invested in successful Slovenian companies such as Hooray Heroes, TAIA, FlySentinel and others.

Borut Dremelj

Partner and Expert Associate

Borut is an experienced manager and technical strategist with knowledge of business management, strategic sales, production and implementation of technological solutions in the field of materials and metallurgical sciences combined with economic knowledge. He has more than 15 years of experience in the international environment. Today he runs a successful Slovenian aluminium foundry. At Alita Capital he advises on technical issues and technical due diligence, especially how to prepare business development for a successful entry into the production environment.

Maja Križan

Investment Manager

Maja is partnering with investors and startups and helps them connect and grow their business. After spending over a decade working in business sales development for largest Slovenian companies, she has learned what truly drives partnerships between companies and how to harvest collaboration to grow innovation. She also provides consultancy in the areas of product lifecycle management, customer experience management and product development.

With her passion for work and eagerness to learn, she is passionate about driving new ideas and turning them into successful, profitable ventures. Her knowledge, experience and energy are her key contributors to drive progress from start to finish.

Marcel Hren

Valuation Expert

Despite his young age, Marcel has already been able to acquire a lot of experience by working with different startups through the Business Angels of Slovenia. Furthermore, he also acquired a lot of various business experiences by leading his own online stores since he was 16. In the past, he also had his own startup, but currently, he is leading his own digital agency focusing on designing websites.

Marcel is very active also in the world of Investment Banking and Private Equity, where he is gaining experience through working with companies that are active in these fields.

Recently he also finished his study of Economics, where he acquired all of the theoretical knowledge, that he then implements into practice.


If you are contemplating selling your company, knowing its true value is necessary. This process should be started far before the business goes up for sale on the open market because you will have an opportunity to take more time to increase the company’s value to achieve a higher selling price. As a business owner, you should know what your company’s valuation is.

So which are some of the important reasons for having a company valuation?

Better Knowledge of Company Assets

It is significantly important to obtain an accurate business valuation assessment. Estimates are not acceptable as it is a generalization.

Specific numbers need to be gained from valuation processes so that business owners can obtain proper insurance coverage, know how much to reinvest into the company, and how much to sell your company for so that you still make a profit.

Access to More Investors

When you seek additional investors to fund company growth or save it from financial disaster, the investor is going to want to see a full company valuation report. You should also provide potential investors with a valuation projection based upon their provided funding. Investors like to see where their money is going and how it is going to provide them with a return on the investment.

You are more likely to gain the attention of a potential investor when they can see that their funds will carry the company to the next level, increase its value, and put more money back into their own products.







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